Dr. Tamaro Green, a doctor of computer science, writes on topics such as big data analytics, information security, and technology policy. Dr. Green is the founder of TJG Web Services which he started in 2003. Dr. Green received his bachelor of science from Empire State College in 2005. He received his master of science in software engineering from Colorado Technical University in 2016 and his doctor of science from Colorado Technical University in 2019. His dissertation, Big Data Analysis in Financial Markets, was also published in 2019. Dr. Green is an active member of communities that support initiatives for diversely owned businesses and an advocate for small business in the technology industry.

Big Data Analysis in Financial Markets

Academic and Professional Writings


★  Research in Big Data Educational Systems, research paper

★  Smartphone Operating System, research paper

★  Data Warehousing and Big Data Frameworks, research paper

★  Big Data in Education: Improvements in International Research Design Data Driven Testing, Analysis, and Programming, book

★  Test-Driven Development: Software Testing and Performance Benchmarking, book

★  Test Driven Development: Software Evaluation and Modeling, book

★  Big Data in Health Care, book

★  Big Data Analytics in Information Technology Management, book

★  Enterprise Risk Management with Big Data Analytics, book

★  Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, book


Academic Research Projects

Big Data in Higher Education

★  Educational Software Development Challenges

★  IoT Applications in Education

★  Alternative Energy Data Centers

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